Document Storage

Here at Save On Storage we understand the cost of doing business…

Let us help you lessen some of the burden with our record storage.

Space for a single vertical file cabinet with a drawer extended requires at least 8.25 square fee, including room for you file clerk to open the drawer. Your inactive files, maintained in your premises, can be an expensive and useless waste of valuable space. Our records storage warehouse utilizes space that is far less costly than yours. You can save substantially by moving files that are no longer active into our records facility.

  • You’ll keep only your current files on your office , increasing your office efficiency
  • You’ll need fewer file cabinets and file clerks
  • You’ll have more productive and usable space by eliminating crowding from inactive files
  • You’ll reduce the need for expanding your office space as your business grows

Our Services

SOS Record storage will help you prepare your records for storage, code them for instantaneous, error-free identification, maintain them with care, ready those that you need, and help you destroy them when you desire. We’ll coordinate with your records staff so that retrievals or additions are handled simply and easily. We’ll also help with a destruction program when your inactive files are no longer needed. That means added savings!

Safety: No one but the individuals that you authorize and our records specialists will know your “assigned” code and have access to your records. You can be sure that information in your files is safe from prying eyes.